Why You Need FAST Twitch for Fat Loss!


In recent years we’ve learned a LOT about what really works for fat loss.

For example…

1) Eating more fat (the right kind) results in faster weight loss.

2) It’s not necessarily how much you eat, but what you eat.

3) Resistance training is essential for rapid body transformation and sustained weight loss


4) When we activate our fast twitch muscle fibres we can burn up to *9 times more body fat than traditional forms of exercise. (*1994 Journal of Metabolism)

Therefore, for maximum fat loss, we need to know how to activate our fast twitch muscle fibres.

The research is in…

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibre Activation Produces an AVALANCHE of Fat Loss Hormones!

If your goal is to maintain low (yet healthy) body fat levels year round, we need to activate our fast twitch muscle fibres, and do so on a regular basis.


It all has to do with the resulting hormonal response.

In simple terms, activating our fast twitch muscle fibres results in a cascade of beneficial fat loss hormones.

In contrast, activating our slow twitch muscle fibres DOES NOT.

In fact, prolonged aerobic, endurance exercise (the type that only uses slow twitch muscle fibres) results in high levels of cortisol and can put the brakes on fat loss. In fact, cortisol is often referred to as the “fat storage” hormone.

And while it’s true that we also produce cortisol when recruiting our fast twitch muscle fibres, a very interesting thing happens…

The potentially negative effects of cortisol are cancelled out thanks to the other beneficial hormones we produce when we tap into our fast twitch muscle fibres. Hormones such as epinephrine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and growth hormone.

Therefore, the question is…

HOW do we Activate More Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres?

We’re all born with a particular ratio of slow, fast and intermediate muscle fibres. Those possessing predominantly fast twitch muscle fibres have a greater propensity to be sprinters and excel in sports requiring explosiveness. While those possessing mostly slow twitch muscle fibres tend to perform well in pursuits requiring stamina and endurance.

Thankfully, researchers have discovered that we can change our ratio of muscle fibres depending on the type of sports and athletic pursuits we choose to be involved in.


That the intermediate muscle fibres have the potential to become slow twitch OR fast twitch.

Canadian scientists, Drs. J. Simoneau and C. Bouchard, have estimated that 40% of the variance of muscle fibre type is due to environmental influences (i.e. exercise) while 45% is associated with genetic factors.

So that means you have about 40% control of your muscle fiber type, whereas the other 45% you can do nothing about.

The question is, how can we convert our intermediate muscle fibres to fast twitch and turn our bodies into fat burning machines?

Actually, there are 2 ways…

1) We can perform short burst, interval style cardio

For example, one of the interval workouts I feature in my Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge produces an average 771% increase in human growth hormone (HGH) which is our number 1 fat burning and anti aging hormone…all in only 20 minutes!

Moreover, studies conducted on these types of workouts demonstrate that you can burn 9 times more body fat than traditional forms of cardio.

2) We can use resistance training with specific repetition ranges and tempos

Unfortunately most people are locked into traditional repetition ranges such as 8 to 12, or 12 to 15, however in order to recruit the maximum number of fast twitch muscle fibres, we need to look to what the exercise science says…

In the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge I use both principles to recruit as many fast twitch muscle fibres as possible.

(By the way, you don’t have to be an athlete to activate your fast twitch muscle fibres, you just need to know how to do it based on your level of fitness, and your level of strength.)

The BAD News…

Unfortunately this information is not very well known (or understood) within the general exercise population, even though it could easily be considered the number 1 ‘secret’ of fat loss.

Now you know why slaving away on a treadmill, doing tons of aerobic classes, or running for hours on end FAILS to produce the fat loss results most people think it will.

(Don’t get me wrong, these endeavours are great in moderation, however don’t expect to achieve rapid and ongoing fat loss in comparison to your counterparts who engage their fast twitch muscle fibres on a regular basis.)

Unfortunately exercise myths prevail – especially the ‘more is better‘ fallacy which is often perpetuated by exercise ‘gurus,’ many of whom are well intentioned, yet are unfamiliar with the latest discoveries in exercise science and what really works for fat loss.

Thankfully there’s a far more effective and time efficient way to produce outstanding fat loss results and transform your body FAST.

With the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge you’ll use the very best fat loss principles to completely transform yourself, and all with only 3 total hours of total exercise per week.

So if you’re ready to get off the treadmill, to activate those fast twitch muscle fibres and start getting real results, check out the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge – it’s on sale NOW for a limited time.

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