What’s the BEST Workout For Fat Loss?


There are literally HUNDREDS of exercise options to choose from these days, but which one is best for fat loss?

The science of fat loss is very clear. The best workout for fat loss is the one that…

a) Works the whole body
b) Strengthens ALL the major muscles
c) Accelerates the body’s metabolism
d) Provides aerobic and anaerobic fitness
e) Continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout (also known as the “afterburn”)

No, it’s not pilates, Zumba or group fitness classes (even though they all have merit in their own unique ways) The workout that meets all the above criteria (and more) is resistance training.

However, not all resistance workouts are created the same. Here’s how to structure your workout for maximum fat loss…

1) Use Compound exercises

Forget doing lots of “little” exercises such as leg extensions, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls and calf raises. Working the muscles in isolation can predispose you to muscle imbalances and lead to injury. (the most common being shoulder, knee and low back injuries)

At least 80% of your workout should consist of multiple joint movements such as rows, presses, squats and lunges. Besides, these just happen to be the exercises that produce the most favourable hormones for fat loss.

2) Keep rest time between sets to a minimum

By pairing exercises (supersets) or multiple exercises (giant sets) you can work opposing muscle groups and keep rest times to a minimum. Short rest times have been proven to markedly boost HGH – the hormone responsible for maximum fat loss.

3) Keep your workouts short

Many people are surprised to learn that the majority of our body transformation programmes only require a very small time commitment, with some workouts only taking 20 to 30 minutes.

When you exercise too long and too often your body produces the stress hormone, cortisol. Unfortunately this can lead to weight gain (excessive cortisol promotes fat storage) fatigue and adrenal burnout.

4) Make your workouts progressive

This is perhaps THE most crucial component of all.

Rapid fat loss and body transformation is only possible when you challenge yourself at each and every workout.

One of the ways our body transformation clients put this into practice is to start with conservative weights and make a concerted effort to add 1 or 2 more reps and / or increase the weights at every workout. (while always maintaining good exercise form)

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