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virtual workout club

Exercise equipment recommendations for the home based workout options 

Only 2 items of equipment are required for the home based 
Virtual Workout Club programmes.

1) For the resistance training components, you'll need a single set 
of adjustable dumbbells.  

adjustable dumbbells 

or at least 3 separate pairs of dumbbells

3 sets of dumbbells

Suggested starting dumbbell weights (female) 

3, 6 and 8kg (one pair of each)

Suggested starting dumbbell weights (male)

6, 8, 12kg (one pair of each)

2) You'll also need a single swiss ball (also known as a stability ball)

swiss ball dumbbell chest press

Recommended swiss ball sizes

Choose a 55 cm ball if you're 4'11" - 5'4" in height

Choose a 65 cm ball if you're 5'5" - 5'11" in height

Choose a 75 cm ball if you're 6'0" - 6' 7" in height

Cardio Equipment

If you not have access to cardio equipment such as a treadmill, rower, bike etc, bodyweight cardio exercises are provided.   

At most, a small step up box and skipping rope is recommended.

step up boxskipping 

Optional extras: Boxing bag and gloves


Tip: If you live in New Zealand, there are some excellent dumbbell, swiss ball and exercise equipment deals listed at - particularly those listed with 'No 1 Fitness.'

To view the No 1 Fitness website, visit:

no 1 fitness nz

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