What If All That Boring Cardio You've Been Grinding Out Over And Over Again Has Been Exactly The Thing STOPPING You From Burning Away Your Body Fat... Or Worse Yet... What If It's Actually Making You FATTER?

It's TRUE... And Not Only Is Cardio Boring and INEFFECTIVE At Getting Even Mediocre Fat Burning Results... But Traditional Cardio (especially when done to excess) can Reduce your Heart and Lung Capacity and Leave you Open To a Heart Attack and Other Serious Health Problems, Make You Age Faster... 

Do you do cardio to lose weight, tone up, burn body fat, and get fitter?

If so, I've got a few important questions I'd like you to consider...

    • Could your choice of cardio actually be REDUCING your heart and lung capacity (leaving you open to a sudden, life-threatening heart attack)?
    • Is conventional steady state cardio really the best way to get fit and burn body fat (and when you stop and think about it now)... are you really losing enough fat to justify all the time you have to put in?
    • Have you ever wondered why conditioned endurance athletes (and supposedly some of the fittest people on Earth) drop dead from heart attacks at the height of their careers, when they should be at the peak of health?
    • Did you know that excessive cardio (i.e., the way almost everyone does their cardio) might even be increasing your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and accelerating the aging process?
    • What's the REAL truth about conventional cardio? Is it really good for our health as we've been led to believe? Or...is it possible we've been lied to all these years?

This Will Probably SHOCK You But...

Here's The Truth About Cardio

Traditionally we've been told that to increase our fitness we have to do long, tedious, steady-pace workouts like jogging or cycling and to keep our heart rate in the "fat burning zone" if we want to lose body fat, however...

Conventional steady-state cardio is NOT the best way to burn fat
or get fit... and it may actually be harming your health

In fact, here's what leading health authority, Dr Al Sears, author of 'The Doctor's Heart Cure' and 'PACE' has to say...

  • "Spending hours doing conventional cardio weakens your heart, shrinks your lungs, and stimulates your body to build MORE fat.
  • Cardio is poorly named as as it won't strengthen your breath or your lungs. In fact, repeatedly exercising by 'staying within your aerobic limits' will only shrink your lungs, rob you of critical lung capacity and create a series of other health problems.
  • During 20 years of working with extremely fit athletes, patients with diseased or injured hearts and average people in between, one thing is apparent...


“Conventional cardio is a complete waste of time and effort.”

Dr Al Sears, Author of “The Doctor’s Heart Cure” and “PACE”

For decades we've been encouraged to add up to 1 hour of cardio per day to our already busy schedules. However, not only is this recommendation unrealistic for most people, it's also completely unnecessary.

In fact, it can be downright unhealthy.

truth about cardioConventional cardio does NOT strengthen our heart and lungs as we've been led to believe - it can actually do the OPPOSITE.

Here's why...

Steady state cardio forces your body to adapt and become more efficient to the excessive demands we've imposed on our body. Over time it does this by gradually rebuilding our heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles as small as possible.

The end result of this downsizing is that we're robbed of vital reserve capacity.

And that my friend, is a very dangerous scenario.

What Is Reserve Capacity (And Why Not Having Enough Can be FATAL)

Reserve capacity is the ability of your heart and lungs to withstand a sudden increase in cardiac demand.

In real life there are circumstances that put our bodies under stress and require our heart and lungs to be up to the task.

Heart attacks don't occur because of a lack of endurance, they occur when there is a sudden increase in demand that exceeds our heart's capacity.

In other words...

Heart attacks happen when a sudden demand goes beyond your reserve capacity.

And here's the problem...

Conventional Cardio (The Way Just About All of Us Were Taught To Do It) Does NOT Build Reserve Capacity... It Actually DECREASES It, Making Sudden Cardiac Problems A Greater Possibility

WindedExercising for long periods might make your heart more adept at handling a thirty minute jog, however it's at the expense of providing your cardiovascular system with the ability to rapidly provide cardiac output when you really need it.

Bigger, faster, more readily available cardiac output is what we really need in our day to day lives. So when we push for greater and greater endurance using conventional cardio, it can actually produce the opposite to what we really require in the modern world.

But there's even more BAD NEWS...

A ground-breaking study of long distance runners showed that after these workouts, blood levels and oxidation of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides is markedly increased.

They also found that prolonged running disrupts the balance of blood thinners and thickeners, elevating inflammatory factors and clotting levels, both signs of heart distress.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism also found that long distance runners had reduced bone mass and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Moreover, extended rigorous exercise increases cardiac risk seven-fold.

Cardio Can Even Make You Age Faster...

If you've observed that many endurance athletes have more wrinkles and age faster than most, it's no coincidence...

This is because long aerobic sessions bombard our bodies with massive quantities of free radicals. Unless these free radicals are mopped up by an abundance of antioxidants in our diets, our immune system can be compromised and make us more susceptible to colds, influenza, and chronic illness. Therefore endurance athletes and heavy exercisers need to pay extra special attention to their nutrition as they require a MUCH higher *antioxidant intake than the average person.

(*The best source of antioxidants are fruit and vegetables as well as high potency antioxidant supplements such as astaxanthin & spirulina)


Conventional Cardio Reduces Your Anti Aging Hormones

Human growth hormone (HGH) is associated with longevity, increased bone density, accelerated fat loss and the maintenance of lean muscle - all of which become especially important as we age.

However HGH is only released when we engage our fast twitch muscle fibres. Unfortunately traditional cardio does not involve the use of our fast twitch muscle fibres, therefore we're missing out on the tremendous anti aging properties of this anti aging, youth hormone.


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