Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017

At the start of 2017 I set out to provide you with tangible, practical steps you can take to achieve your health, wellness and body transformation goals.

So how did I do?

Here are my top 10 most read articles of 2017. (Just in case you missed them)

1: Why Healthy People Get Sick

2: The Amazing Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

3: The Best Workout for Body Transformation

4: Women Have It all Wrong!

5: What’s the Best Type of Cardio for Fat Loss?

6: Can You Sustain THIS?

7: Cheat Meals – Why, When & How Often

8: Nutrition Impossible – Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It 

9: Bootcamp for One!

10: How to Use Portion Control to Transform Your Body

-Mark Woodgate

(Holistic Health Coach & Body Transformation Specialist)

ps: If you have some specific topics you’d like me to address and/ or burning questions you’d like me to answer, please let me know and I’ll do my absolute best to cover this in 2018.

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