Stimulate. Don’t ANNIHILATE!

If you’re confused about the best way to exercise for maximum fat loss, and to transform your body in the fastest time possible, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Here are just some of the questions I get asked all the time…

How many times per week should I work out?

How many weights / cardio sessions should I do?

What’s better? Full body workouts or split programmes?

How long should I rest between exercises?

Should I do interval workouts or stay in the ‘fat burning zone?’

Problem is, if you search the internet or read popular fitness magazines, I guarantee you’ll end up even more confused!

You’ll see some amazing ‘specimens’ (male and female) all claiming that their particular style of training and/ or supplement is what created their amazing bodies.

But is that really the case?

All I will say is this…

Don’t believe everything you read, and be a little bit discerning.

For one, most of these exercise routines aren’t for the average person.

And when I say “average”, I’m referring to the “non-pharmaceutically enhanced” person who holds down a full time job, has children, and who struggles to find enough hours in the day to get through their never ending to do list, let alone, exercise!

Truth is, most of us don’t have the ability to tolerate, withstand or recover from the copious amounts of exercise that these fitness ‘gurus’ advocate.

Follow these routines and expect your body to rebel with all the classic symptoms of overtraining – prolonged muscle soreness, elevated heart rate upon waking, sore joints, and even adrenal fatigue / burnout. (The latter which is getting more and more common these days…)

What’s more, you can say goodbye to any gains in strength, muscle hypertrophy and fat loss.

In other words, the majority of these workout routines are a gut busting, energy draining, complete waste of your time!

My BIG Exercise Mistake…

Before I learned about exercise physiology (and before I became a personal trainer) I made the classic mistake…

Back in the day I read all the fitness magazines, and without exception they told me to do a ridiculous amount of exercises, sets and reps, and to spend at least an hour in the gym at each and every workout.

So guess what?

That’s EXACTLY what I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, I added some muscle and lost some body fat in the first few months, but then all of a sudden, everything came to a screeching halt.

Not only was I not making progress, I was always tired and sore.

It got to the point where I started dreading going to the gym…

I knew something had to change and that’s when I decided to do my homework.

So rather than reading fitness magazines, I started reading exercise journals to find out what works in the real world. (Not always the most stimulating of reading but a very productive use of my time nonetheless!)

My MAJOR Exercise Discovery – LESS IS BETTER

The more I learned about exercise science, the more I realised WHY I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

You see, not only was I not giving my muscles sufficient recovery time, I was doing WAY too much. My nervous system was taking a hammering!

That’s when I learned to stimulate, not ANNIHILATE.

So I cut back my training to almost half of what I was doing before. In other words, the focus was on quality, not quantity.

Low and behold my strength gains went through the roof! Then in subsequent weeks my lean muscle tissue went up, and my body fat levels went way down.

All with three simple changes…

1) I structured my workouts differently (including a lot less volume)

2) I got smarter and more selective about the exercises I was using

3) I varied my repetition ranges

The result was that I was able to spend a LOT less time in the gym.

(Even these days, I’m still criticised for spending so little time in the gym, however I prefer the results to speak for themselves…)

Are you Training Harder or SMARTER?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits associated with this type of training, there’s one other MAJOR benefit.

More time!

As a personal trainer who often works some long hours, and as a parent of two, I need to manage my time very carefully, however when it comes to working out, time is never an issue.

Exercise science continues to confirm that it’s not how long we work out for, but the quality of that time that really matters.

That means choosing  the right kind of resistance training, the right kind of cardio, and using your time productively.

My body transformation programmes are the culmination of many years of research so that you can add muscle, lose body fat, and reshape your body in the shortest time possible.

So if you’re ready to end the confusion, including the ‘hows and the whys’, and completely transform yourself with only 3 to 4 total hours of exercise per week, keep an eye out for my all NEW 5 Week LEAN Programme. (Starts January 2018)

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