My Top 10 Tips to Be “After” Photo Ready!

With only days to go ’til the end of the Oceanblue 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge (the official finish date is Sat 10th Dec), the countdown is on!

This year I decided to introduce the separate prize category of “Best Transformation.”

How does it work?

Quite simply, the most dramatic visual transformation WINS!

How to qualify?


Just send your before and after photos to me at:

Having personally done several photoshoots myself, as well as taken numerous before and after photos of my clients, here are my top 10 tips to looking amazing for your after photos.

1) Get a tan!

If you’re pale your muscle definition won’t show up as clearly. Ideally you’ll have spent the last few weeks soaking up plenty of sunshine, otherwise consider having a spray tan the day before your photos. (or if your tan is uneven)

If you live in the Papamoa area, I highly recommend Mel Habib from ‘Sugar Coated.’ Phone: 027 577 0172 or email

Mel also provides make up services. Packages are available.

2) Remove body hair

A body free of hair will emphasise your newly toned, shapely and defined muscles. Refrain from experimenting with hair removal methods that you haven’t attempted in the past and that might cause skin irritation. This especially applies if you haven’t waxed before. To be on the safe side shave using a good quality razor, or even safer still, use an electric razor on the lowest setting. This should be done one to two days prior to your photos.

3) Keep your skin well moisturised

This is important in the days leading up to the photoshoot, especially if you have dry skin, and for an even skin tone. I recommend using natural moisturizers such as body butters, avocado, coconut and olive oils. (Also, when your skin is moisturised you tend to tan a lot easier / faster.)

4) Create a clutter free background.

When taking pictures you don’t want the background to detract from otherwise great photos. Try to shoot in front of a plain surface, preferably a white or solid coloured wall / background.

5) If possible, wear similar clothing and shoot in a similar / same location as your “before” photos.

Unless you’re having professional photos taken you don’t need to flex or pose. Just stand tall with your arms slightly angled at the sides. In both sets of photos you should be directly facing the camera. You might also wish to have a side profile taken.

6) Make sure your photos are not taken too far away from the camera.

Ideally there will be a very little space between the top of your head and top edge of the photo. The bottom edge of the photo should be at approximately knee height or a little lower.

7) Be sure to smile for your after photos!

(Not as important as your before photos)

8) If possible, have your “after” photos taken professionally.

This is especially important if you’ve achieved an impressive transformation and want to document just how far you’ve come…

9) Polaroid or negatives will not be accepted.

Only digital photos are accepted and these should be sent in gif or jpeg format. Ensure your photos are resized (ideally not more than 300 kb per photo) as large images are not always accepted by email servers.

Email your before and after photos to me at:

10) Pump up your muscles (optional) & add some oil

Immediately prior to your after photos you might choose to do a couple of sets of push ups and bicep curls (a partner can provide resistance for the latter using a towel) to “pump up” the muscles and make them stand out even more.

Another tip to make your muscles appear even more prominent is to very lightly rub some olive oil or body butter into your skin.

And there you have it…

My top 10 tips to help you look your very best for your after photos!

Can’t wait to see them.

-Mark Woodgate

(Holistic Health Coach & Body Transformation Specialist)

ps: If you would like nutrition and training ‘tips and tricks’ that you can use in the week leading up to your photoshoot, please feel free to contact me. (Nb: These nutrition and training tips are only relevant if your body fat is exceptionally low. For example, less than 12% for females or 8% for males)

pps: To check out the fantastic prizes up for grabs, see:

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