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You'll discover...

* How you can spend at least 50% less time working out and achieve TWICE the results

* How to burn fat nine times faster than traditional exercise programmes

* How to consistently lose body fat and keep it off for good

* How to COMPLETELY transform your body in 12 weeks or less

 No false promises, no hype, only real results

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 mark woodgate, personal trainer
Hi, my name is Mark Woodgate. Since 1995 I've helped thousands of people reshape their bodies and improve their lives. I currently provide personal training services to residents of Mt Maunganui, Tauranga and Papamoa in New Zealand. Click here to view my profile

 Plus I also provide downloadable body transformation programmes so you can transform yourself
no matter where you live. 

Click here to view my body transformation programmes

"I'll Show You How To Make Rapid Measurable Results
 To Your Body Using Our Revolutionary
Quality Versus Quantity Training Principles"

Results are Guaranteed

lose up to 1kg per week with the LEAN Nutrition Plan

Lose up to 1kg per
week with the
LEAN Nutrition Plan!

the winners of the 2013 biggest loser 12 week challenge with body transformation specialist, Mark Woodgate

The WINNERS of the
Biggest Loser
Challenge Are...

view amazing before and after photos

See our clients AMAZING
before and after photos

The SHOCKING Truth About Cardio

Truth About Cardio

why old habits die hard

Why Old Habits
Die Hard!

Worlds BEST
Time Saving Tips!
(In AND Out Of The Gym)

mark woodgate, body blueprint personal training

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