How To Lose STUBBORN Body Fat… Once and For All!

If you’ve lost weight before you’ve probably noticed that it’s harder to lose fat from some areas than others.

For the ladies it’s typically the hips, thighs, upper back, buttocks and the back of the arms. For the guys it’s usually the chest and belly.

Most weight loss programmes work in the beginning, but they often fail to address, and more importantly REMOVE, those last remaining stubborn kgs.

Why is it harder to lose fat from some areas than others?

Your body is programmed to store body fat in those ‘hard to move’ areas, particularly during times of famine (irregular eating) OR if you’re eating the wrong kinds of foods too often.

Nutrition aside, if you’re doing everything in your power to lose weight and your body is not obeying, hormonal factors could be to blame…

1) Your Adrenal Health & Fat Loss

In order to lose stubborn body fat your adrenal hormones must switch on so that the body uses fat as energy. Unfortunately this fat burning process doesn’t work so well with everyone, particularly if you’re dealing with chronic stress.

Adrenal fatigue (also known as chronic fatigue) is very common in todays society. Family and work commitments, illness, a personal crisis, unresolved conflict and financial stress can take it’s toll on your adrenal health and in doing so, compromise your fat loss efforts.

Restoring adrenal function requires a willingness to tackle the issues head on and to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

2) Excess Estrogen is a MAJOR Contributor to Stubborn Fat…

One of the main contributors to stubborn fat in both men and women are estrogenic compounds called xenoestrogens.

These synthetic chemicals mimic natural estrogens and are also linked to a wide range of health conditions including breast cancer, infertility and thyroid disorders.

They include…

•Unfermented soy foods such as soy milk, soybean oil, and soy protein.
•The linings of canned foods (BPA) and in plastic bottles
•Teflon coated non stick pans
•Shampoos, lotions and soaps containing parabens or phenoxyethanol

Losing Stubborn Fat is NOT just about calories in versus calories out…

Losing body fat, especially the stubborn kind, is not just about calories in versus calories out. It’s about your lifestyle, exercise and nutrition habits.

And that’s EXACTLY what we address with the 5 Week LEAN programme. Not only will you lose up to 5kgs of stubborn body fat in 5 weeks, you’ll rebalance your hormones, boost your energy levels, look and feel fantastic.

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