Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas?

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Give the Gift of Health & Fitness!


Let's face it.

There's NOTHING more important than our health and well being.

Everything else pales in comparison...

So why not give the ULTIMATE gift to someone you care about.

The gift of health and fitness.

Body Blueprint Gift Voucher

Choose from the following gift vouchers from Body Blueprint...

Option 1

  • Voucher: 75 Minute Personal Training Consultation


  • Personalised exercise programme (home or gym based)
  • Exercise instruction
  • Body transformation nutrition plan
  • 60 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes
  • Measurements & goal setting
  • Motivation and ongoing fit tips

Option 2

Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge (Starts early 2016)


  • Exercise and nutrition guide
  • Home and gym based workouts
  • Exercise videos
  • Body transformation 7 day meal plan
  • 60 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes
  • Motivational weight loss email and fit tips

        (nb: This is an online programme - click here for more info)

Mark Woodgate. body transformation specialistMark Woodgate is a leading holistic health coach and body transformation specialist.

To find out how Mark can help YOU achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals, click here.