Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge

  • Q.1) Who can participate in the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge?

    A.Anyone who wants to completely reshape their body, lose weight and look FANTASTIC.

    Nb: As this is an online programme, your geographical location is not important.

  • Q.2) Can I really receive the entire Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge package (workouts, nutrition guide, starter pack, exercise videos, recipes etc) for only $127?

    A.Yes! We wanted to make the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge as affordable as possible.


  • Q. 3) When does the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge start?

    A.There are two official start dates for the 2017 Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge.

    Mon 27th Feb

    Mon 18th Sep

    However as this is an online programme you can start when it is convenient for YOU.

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  • Q.4) Do you have some exercise programmes I can follow?

    A.Yes, the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge workouts are the culmination of 20 years of research and will give you an unfair advantage.

    With Body Blueprint’s quality versus quantity workout principles you’ll burn fat 9 times faster than conventional workouts and completely transform yourself in just 12 short weeks.

    You’ll receive access to gym andhome based workouts to suit your individual needs.) Exercise videos are included to take away all the guesswork, plus you can download accompanying workout spreadsheets to record your progress.

    The Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge workouts have been designed by New Zealand body transformation specialist and holistic health coach, Mark Woodgate.

  • Q.5) What's the difference between the Body Blueprint 12 week challenge and the 'Biggest Loser' 12 Week Challenge?

    A.The Biggest Loser Challenge is designed to lose fat while maintaining muscle, whereas in addition to the weight loss, the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge is also designed to shape and sculpt your body…and all with only 3 total hours of exercise per week. (Participants can expect to lose up to 6kgs of fat while gaining muscle)

    Plus, for the first time ever, Mark will reveal the science behind these amazing body transformation principles and why traditional exercise methods just can’t compare

  • Q.6) I'm very unfit, have little or no exercise experience. What do you suggest?

    A.If you’re relatively new to exercise we recommend one to two weeks of light resistance training before commencing the 12 week challenge.

    This will accustom your body to strength training and provides an opportunity to master the correct exercise technique. (Exercise videos demonstrating correct exercise technique are provided.)

    Alternatively you could hire the services of a personal trainer or exercise instructor for additional support and guidance.

    If you haven’t exercised for more than 12 months we recommend that you obtain medical clearance from your health professional before commencing the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge.

  • Q.7) Do I need to work out at a gym? Can I work out from home?

    A.Some people prefer to work out at a gym for support and motivational purposes, however if you’re sufficiently motivated and prefer to work out from home, the choice is yours.

    I’ll provide you with both options to suit your individual needs.

  • Q.8) Do I need any special equipment?

    A.If you decide to work out from home you’ll need:

    1) Swiss ball

    2) Dumbbells

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  • Q.9) Can I do group fitness classes as my cardio?

    A.Yes, from time to time you can substitute the cardio component for classes such as Body Step, Body Combat, RPM or Zumba. They’re all excellent ways to have fun and stay motivated.

  • Q.10) Is the nutrition plan difficult to follow? Are there any special food or supplement requirements?

    A.The Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge nutrition plan is very easy to follow and includes everyday foods. For added convenience you may wish to purchase a quality whey protein powder for smoothies, however this is not compulsory.

    We’ll also provide you with 60 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes as well as a sample 7 day meal plan.

    Gluten / dairy free and vegetarian options are included.

    Most importantly, this nutrition plan is sustainable year round and is NOT a diet.

  • Q.11) How much weight can I expect to lose?

    A.Not only will the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge help you to lose weight, you’ll also shape and sculpt your body in record time.

    Previous participants have lost anywhere from 6 to 12kgs in 12 weeks, however individual results may vary as this depends on your starting weight, exercise history, level of fitness and adherence to the programme.

  • Q.12) Do you have any special offers?

    A.Yes, the following personal training package is available for residents of Papamoa and surrounding areas. (Home based personal training)

    4 sessions (Week 0, 4, 8 and 12)


    * 12 Week Challenge overview

    * Body transformation nutrition plan

    * Exercise instruction

    * Measurements & goal setting

    * Before & after photos (optional)

    **$279 or $23.25 pw for 12 weeks.

  • Q.13) If I have any queries about the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge, who can I contact?

    A.The designer of the Body Blueprint 12 Week Challenge, Mark Woodgate, will provide you with motivational support email throughout your 12 week challenge. These include valuable weight loss tips and strategies to ensure an outstanding body transformation.

    Mark is also on hand to provide any support you might need.

    You can contact Mark directly here or send an email to