Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge Press Release

Body Blue Print. Mark Woodgate working out. Photo Bruce Barnard.

Mark Woodgate, Creator of the Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge

Body Transformation Challenge Launching in the Bay.

WHO Will Be The BIGGEST LOSER in 2016?



Residents of the Bay of Plenty will have the opportunity to completely transform themselves thanks to the Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge.

Created by holistic health coach & body transformation specialist, Mark Woodgate, the challenge will enable participants to lose up to 1kg per week and look amazing for summer.

According to Mark, there’s so much confusion about the best way to go about losing weight.

“Many people lose weight with commercial weight loss programmes, however it’s often very short lived. Severely restricting calories and even entire food groups is not the way to lose weight, at least not in a healthy sustainable way.”

“In fact, most people who go on diets, regain the weight they lose, and more. And as our belt buckle sizes continue to increase, so does our risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health conditions.”

“Fortunately the Biggest Loser Challenge is very different, as it encourages healthy eating and exercise habits that can be continued for a lifetime” says Mark.

The 12 week challenge can be accessed online and includes gym and home based exercise programmes, exercise videos, nutrition plans and delicious recipes, motivational support email and much more.

Participants also have the option to enter the weight loss competition with weekly weigh ins at Oceanblue Health Club in Papamoa.

This year there are thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs, thanks to some very generous local sponsors.

Initial weigh ins for the competition commence Mon 5th September, and the official start date of the Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge is Monday 12th September.

For workplaces that decide to hold their own Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge, Mark is offering to put up the cash for the winner(s) Click here for more info

If YOU would like to completely transform yourself this summer, click here to register for the 2016 Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge

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