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Congratulations to all our 12 Week Challengers!

In 2016 we witnessed some AMAZING transformations.

Here are our top 5…

1st place – Biggest Loser Challenge

Jo Costello lost an amazing 19.3 kgs and 18.55% of her body weight!

Click here for Jo’s testimonial

Jo Costello BeforeJo Costello After FrontJo Costello After Side

1st place – Best Transformation

Kris Bethune – ultra lean at 6% body fat!

Click here for Kris’ testimonial


Ezra Howe lost an INCREDIBLE 25.8 kgs and 17.39% of his body weight!

Adam Watts – from lean to shredded!

Maureen Wood – lost a total of 6% body fat!

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  • Laura Haglund

    Reply Reply January 8, 2017

    That would be so freaking awesome! I keep telling myself “I CAN so do this” …..but don’t. When I was in shape I had this attitude towards others as to say o get off your rear ya lazy bum. But that is me now. I’m trying to find the skinny healthy me once again… no success! Glad to see motivating people. Wish I had that! You are all so very lucky! Way to go!! You don’t want to feel the way I do. It’s painful living in a personal hell of loss and tragedy. Glad somebody kicked you all in the tailpipe ????

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