Are Your Workouts Time Efficient?

time efficient workouts

Some fitness endeavours require a MAJOR time commitment.

Fortunately, body transformation is NOT one of them…

For example, if you’re a triathlete, marathon runner or distance swimmer, you could easily spend 5 or more hours per week going through the motions. It requires extraordinary time management skills, especially if you have family and/ or a day job…

And while I know of some individuals who spend copious amounts of time at the gym (with the goal to transform their bodies) I’ll be the first to point out that their results would be so much better if they spent less time exercising and focused on the quality of their workouts instead.

You see, when it comes to body transformation, quality over quantity wins hands down every time, and the research continues to prove that.

Therefore, what IS the optimal amount of time required to achieve an amazing body transformation?

Based on the exercise science and having worked with hundreds of body transformers over the last 21 years, there is rarely good reason to exceed more than 4 hours of total exercise per week.

For example, the total exercise quota of the 8 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge is 3 hours & 40 mins per week

But that’s just in the beginning…

Because once you’ve achieved the majority of your fat loss and changed your body shape, (usually within the first 8 to 12 weeks) less exercise is required to take you to the next level.

And this is the mistake most people make…

Intuitively they think that if 4 hours of exercise is good, 5 hours must be better.

Or if 20 minutes of cardio is good, 30, 40 or 50 mins of cardio must also be better.

Wrong, and wrong again.

Add more exercise, do more sets, more reps, more cardio, and all you’ll you do is compromise your recovery ability to burn fat, maintain or gain muscle and boost your fitness.

Here again, when it comes to body transformation, less is definitely better.

Obviously it’s about knowing how to spend your time productively and knowing what REALLY works, and it’s for that reason that I’ve created body transformation programmes such as the 8 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge. No guesswork required. Only the most productive and time efficient workouts to get results FAST. 

Of course, this comes as VERY welcome news if you’re pressed for time, have children, work part time or full time, have constant deadlines etc.

So if you’re ready to discover some of the most time efficient workouts on the planet, and use exercises that REALLY work to transform your body fast, check out the 8 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge.

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8 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge

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