Here's what celebrity trainer and TV presenter Lee-Anne Wann has to say about the 8 Week Winter Weight Loss Challenge...

Lee-Anne Wann

Body Blueprint has done it yet again and created some of the most effective programmes I’ve seen in a long time.

Mark has taken sound and solid principles that are proven to work and combined them into a unique programme that is truly worth its weight in gold.

Mark clearly understands people are busy and want the biggest bang for their buck, and he’s created that just for you with his challenge.

Not only does the Winter Weight Loss Challenge supply amazingly effective programmes but also a wealth of information on nutrition, how to make it work for you, as well as lots of delicious recipes. In my mind this is what truly sets this programme apart. Nutrition is paramount to any health or weight loss goal and it’s hard to find real, honest information and resources that will really help you on your journey.

This programme has all the information, recipes and guidelines to make it work for YOU. Winter can be a challenge and a struggle for many people to stay on track. Programmes such as the Body Blueprint Winter Weight Loss Challenge are perfect because it’s short, sharp and effective – and let’s face it, once we see results start to happen, it’s so much easier to get out there and keep going.

The Winter Weight Loss Challenge is superbly designed to ensure anyone who commits to these 8 weeks will not only achieve their results, but I believe they will even surpass them.

Lee-Anne Wann Celebrity Trainer, TV Presenter, Fitness Specialist, Author.